The Wool Studio

Ever since the beginning of The Wool Studio, we feel a strong connection with natural materials. Our vision is to share that connection by creating beautiful carpets made from natural resources that allow you connect with nature while being inside your home, office or public space. Today, the desire to connect with nature is stronger than ever before. We seek to let the outside in, to breathe in fresh air that energizes our indoor spaces.

Such a connection can only be established by maintaining the highest level of quality, both in our manufacturing process, as well as our yarns. Only nature’s finest materials are used in our custom made and collection carpets. The freshness of our New Zealand wool creates breezy carpets that promote relaxation and wellness. The softness of our eucalyptus yarns make light and sophisticated carpets. Elegant silk adds a luxurious feel and shine. Noble mohair adds a rustic and warm
touch to any space. Every one of our carpets are hand-tufted in Europe with dignity for the people involved. The way our factories operate and their position in local communities, are an extension of our own values. It is our way of striving for carpets that are both environmentally and socially responsible.

We design the same way we deliver: with dedication. That is why we are involved in every step of the creation process. From the noble yarn up to delivering each fine piece. We do this in close collaboration with others; our manufacturers, interior designers, architects and you, our customer. We guide each and every one through the yarn materials, carpet shapes and colors available. Ultimately, we will find the right design for the right place.

We are very proud to create our carpets in the way we do now. With every piece, we hope to create that warm, soft and grounded feeling we all need sometimes.

Let nature do the work. Let us do the design.

The Wool Studio