• Soft landing on the Soft Concrete

    Soften your floor and acoustics with wool. Extra soft availible.

  • Tropical

  • Letter Game

    Design from 1956 from Jurriaan Schrofer

  • Levante hand-tuft

  • Showroom Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

    You are welcom to visit us every monday in or Showroom. Or make an appointment.

  • Rocking Sheep MAX

    The Wool Studio home of the Rocking Sheep MAX

  • Alfred Gockel

    Art on the wall made off 100% wool

  • Diamond

    Design your own Diamond in our Wool Tool.

  • Sheepskin

  • Soft Velvet

    Play with the SHAPE of the carpet.... anything is possible.

  • Facets

  • Felt Elements

    Acoustic magnet wolfelt elements

  • Felt Elements design on your wall

    Creat your own design with Felt Elements on the wall

  • The Owl

    The Owl is a symbol of wisdom and the quest for knowledge.

  • Machu woolfelt curtains

    100% wool curtains, 180cm wide!

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