Live life like nature intended .

Wool lives and breathes just like you, this natural fiber has many natural advantages for a long and durable life. We call a number of advantages:

* Wool is comfortable in heat and cold
It's cool, it's hot: Built climate. Wool is a natural insulator to keep you warm in winter and naturally breathable to keep in the summer you cool. The wool fiber helps to keep for comfort and rest your body. At the optimum temperature Wool buffers keep the extreme cold or hot air to the outside, and keep your body in that comfort zone.

* Wool is naturally fire resistant and
Naturally absorbing fibers. Wool fiber can absorb 30% moisture without feeling that it is damp. Feeling The fibers "breathe" by absorbing moisture from the body, and to leave it in the air. Loose This feature makes the wool carpet comfortable in hot and cold weather. Wool is a safe fiber, it needs to be given. No fireproofing treatment

* Wool is strong and resilient
have shown that the wool fibers can bend without breaking. Laboratory testing more than 20,000 times Cotton breaks after 3200 times bending, silk fibers break after 1800 times bending, and rayon fibers break after bending only 75 times.

* Wool Prolonging and in good condition
Natural noniron. Wool is the most resilient fiber, because it has a natural shrinkage which helps to keep its shape. Wool fibers may be stretched and yet returned to their original shape.

* Wool is antistatic and dirt-resistant
It's clean: antistatic against dust and dirt. Wool carpeting is anti-static because of its absorbent fibers. Static attracts lint, dirt and dust. Wool carpet remains easy to clean because dirt on the surface of the fiber. The outer surface of the wool fiber is made up of a series of overlapping scales, similar to the springs for a bird, which makes it is easy to brush and to remove stains are.

* Wool also has many beneficial properties
A sheepskin prevents and heals wounds of the bedsores (decubitus) of long-term sick. In many other problems caused by cold or to a lack of their own heat (such as stiffness, sore throat, ear ache and bronchitis) the natural sheep wool appears to activate. The self-healing activity of the body Real "fresh" still greasy wool has this property is the strongest.

Woolipedia by "the wool studio" creative with wool carpets, rugs and more stuff