Yarn Qualities

The yarn collection of The Wool Studio is composed of various natural resources. These high
quality yarns are used in both custom made carpets and collection designs.

We work with two wool yarns, we have ‘Alize’ which is a fine, soft, shining yarn and ‘Spirit’ a
thick and sturdy wool yarn.
For our eucalyptus Tencel™ yarns, we have ’Caju’ and ‘Soft Velvet’. Caju is a fine, soft yarn
quality and ‘Soft Velvet’ is a stronger, water-resistant sparkling yarn.
Our more exclusive yarns are ‘Mohair’ and ‘Bise’. Mohair is a 100% mohair quality yarn and
Bise is a high-end yarn that consist of a wool-silk blend.

All qualitative yarns are available in various colors and different pile heights, for instance 12, 14
and 16 mm or higher. Most of our carpets have the option to be produced in different shapes
and sizes. Also, it is possible to create custom color dyes for carpets of 20 m2 and over. We try
to design and deliver every carpet within 6 weeks.

With this collection, we believe we can fulfill every design wish you may have. Please get in
touch with us to discuss possibilities and terms.

Let’s create the design that you would love to live in.

Resource & sustainability

At The Wool Studio we’re committed to put pride and passion in all we do. We don’t claim to be
100% green or sustainable, but we care for nature and strive to minimize our environmental


Our ‘Spirit' wool yarn is pure. It is a celebration of the natural qualities of 100% undyed wool.
With nothing added, the beauty of the raw material is allowed to shine. We source our wool in
New Zealand, for two reasons. Firstly, because the farmers over there are dedicated to
sustainable farming and have developed an efficient way of producing wool, while using
traditional techniques. Secondly, they produce the most consistent high quality wool.
Sheep farming is an economically and culturally an important part of life in New Zealand. A dry
climate and infertile soil might be problematic for many kinds of agriculture, but sheep have
proven to thrive in these areas. This is why sheep farming established itself here from the 19th
century and has sustained ever since by the export of wool. Today, there are over 141,4000
people employed in the agriculture and forestry industries of New Zealand.
Over time, the traditional process of manufacturing wool has changed remarkably little. The
reason these methods are so enduring, is mainly because of the efficiency and quality of the
raw material itself. The wool has a simplicity and honesty to it. The color palette, derived from
white and black sheep, is pleasingly natural and creates its own pattern and tone. There is
variation from batch to batch, which in our opinion adds to charm of our wool yarns, like Spirit.
Only this carefully blended New Zealand wool of inherited quality, produces the strong and soft
material we are looking for.


Our Tencel™ yarns derive from eucalyptus plants. Tencel™ keeps your living space pleasant
and comfortable. Displaying a luxurious sheen and silky surface, Tencel™ makes carpets shine
radiantly. These yarns are made from lyocell fibers that are produced from sustainable
resources like eucalyptus. The fibers originate from renewable materials though the process of
photosynthesis. These fibers are compostable and biodegradable and can be fully readopted
into nature's cycle. Currently, it is one of the most sustainable materials in the industry.

Tencel™ fibers are manufactured responsibly and are certified with the EU Ecolabel. Products
awarded with this label are independently assessed for having a significantly lower
environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle than similar products. Additionally, the
closed loop production process of Tencel™ fibers received an European Award for the
Environment from the European Commission in the category “The Technology Award for
Sustainable Development” (2002). Overseas, the material earned the United States Department
of Agriculture (USDA)BioPreferred® designation. We are very happy to work with such an
innovative fiber in our yarns and carpets.